Reflexology and MS

Reflexology treatment has shown positive results in people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. In various case studies, the participants experienced reduction in pain and improvement in daily functions.

In an article on Multiple Sclerosis Trust website, 71 people with MS were randomly seleted in a blind study to ascertain the effect of reflexology of which 53 patients completed the study. These people showed significant improvements in the mean scores of paraesthesia (abnormal sensations such as pins and needles), bladder symptoms, muscle strength and spasticity.

You can also access full study on Research Gate website by clicking here.

Clients I have worked with, who have had to live with MS, have benefited from increased energy levels, reduction in pain, improvement in daily functions such as bladder control and overall sense of wellbeing after reflexology sessions.

In fact, many auto-immune conditions such as Crohn’s and Multiple Sclerosis react positively to reflexology. Complementary therapies such as reflexology don’t have side effects, which in itself is a great plus. Overall, more studies such as above are needed so that alternative practices are used as opposed to medications which can have adverse reactions.

Reflexology is not foot massage and should be taken as a serious therapy. Please engage an experienced therapist.